Use CNC and 3D to cut your own mechanical keys

This presentation will show you how to duplicate a key, with no experience, applicable on standard keys, dimple keys and even high security pump locks keys. Only for a few bucks.

Commercially available code cutting machine usually cost more than 10 000 euros, and the are dedicated to a specific type of key. Even locksmiths are pretty rare to own one, because the total invesment is around 60 000 euros if you want to duplicate a large part of the key available on the market.

Using a CNC milling machine can be very helpful, for less than 5 000 euros, or even less than 1 000 euros with DIY machines. And this machines are more and more present in HackerSpaces and FabLabs.

And what about 3D printing ?
Please come and you will know ;-)

Take back the control over your physical security !

HaveFun !

Mr Jack
Security trainer for locksmiths, computer scientists and the military for 6 years, Alexandre is continuously developing tools and techniques to circumvent physical security devices. He recently formed a company specializing in physical pentesting and training. He has also co-authored the only French-book covering a wide variety of techniques to open locks without leaving traces.