NDH Kids by ESIEA is a free (french-speaking) event for teenagers from 8 to 16, who strive for the spirit of the NDH : to inform, demystify, and share the hacking knowledge.

The day will run from 10am to 6pm in the prestigious New York Hotel at Disneyland Paris! Participants are welcomed at 9am at the hotel, inside Disney Village, near the hot-air balloon.

4 different workshops are planned during the day, with a pause for a free healthy meal.

This new event is organized by 5 ESIEA; students, supervised by Dr Vincent Guyot. During the day, your children will be assisted by a team of dynamic supervisors , each of them holder of the BAFA certificate.

If you want to register* for NDH Kids by ESIEA, or just ask for any information, please contact us at [kids[at]nuitduhack.com].

*Registration is required only for logistic forecasting, we will not use any of your personnal data for any other purpose.

Registration does not give access to the nuit du hack.

NDH Kids Schedule

Discover the NDH Kids schedule

Dominoux, the electronic dominos :

Get to know the art of soldering through those tiny electronic circuits and make those dominos glow bright. Every domino transmits light to its neighbour, so be creative and build chains and labyrinths for stunning effects.
Speaker : Electrolab (Hackerspace and FabLab near Paris)


Into a computer heart :

Open a computer and discover it's inner workings : learn to know the purpose of a motherboard or a ventirad, and learn the difference between a graphic card and a sound card. Then, try to solve the puzzle of getting them back into the computer. Will it work?
Speaker : iTeach (3 In'tech Info students)


Intrusion detector with Raspberry Pi :

Don't let anyone into your room without knowing it : complete your spy kit and fit it with a presence detector. Learn to code on a Raspberry Pi and create a fully operational ultrasonic sensor. The most cunning of you will even be able to be notified by mail!
Speaker : Boris Kesler ( CEO of the Start'Up MotionTool)


Nerfgun hack :

Don't miss your targets! Learn how to boost the range of a Nerfgun Volt by tweaking its mechanism! Your arrows will never have flown that far. Each participant will get to keep his Nerfgun, offered by the NDH Kids.
Speaker : Damien Cauquil aka Virtualabs (R&D at Sysdream and hacker-bloger)