NUIT DU HACK - 28/29 JUNE 2014


These days new technologies are sometimes diverted from their original purpose and used to do business or endanger our freedom. It is crucial to be aware of it and understand the bits and pieces of this manipulation.

Events like Night of the Hack have been designed with this core idea in mind. This 12th edition of Night of the Hack will be quite intense in matter of hacking activities, so that we all understand and better apprehend them.

You will have the pleasure, during day time, to listen to 12 valuable speakers, coming from far away just to share their knowledge, or you can also have fun by participating at more than 10 workshops, activities which allow you to interact with speakers about hacking and technology hijacking. A very dense program, but not surpriseless!

Some people already understood that to master and influence technologies brings power, allowing them to influence our future and our decision capabilities. This is precisely why, in order to limit the impact of their influence, it is important to understand these new technologies and being aware of their potential implications for us. This allow us to better evaluate the threats on our daily lifes, and the risks for our freedoms.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" - Edmund Burke

Hacking is at the same time, understanding how an object or a technology is working, and also try to exploit them in a different way, till their initial purposes are overruled by our findings. Hacker's best ally is his obstinaty and persistence, and you will need quite some to make sure you can address each and every challenges planed for this 12th edition (Wargame, Sploit'n'Drink, Lockpicking, electronic badges ...).

For the very first time in France, a live Bug Bounty is organised, which will allow you, during the Bounty Times, to get paid for your exploits by the validation comitee ! Kids won't be left alone, Hacking values will be teach and shared with them during NDH for Kids by Esiea, which will last during daytime of Night of the Hack 2014.

But Night of the Hack is first of all a meeting place where keywords are : to share, to spread out, to teach and to demystify. You will not leave Night of the Hack 2014 edition without souvenir, without a great improvement of your skills, and without getting in touch with the hacking community. You will have thereby understand the values we all share.

By the way, if by any chance you happen to forget some pieces of what happen during Night of the Hack, especially during the Crash Party, this will just mean you had a great Night of the Hack ! But you will never forget that it's key to say  :

I see fnords !

HZV will nerver die