Hardware Hacking

This workshop will present some tools, methodologies and some nice and fun hardware hacks:

  • French "minitel" hacking
  • 3D printing and its use in the hacking field
  • Electronics, soldering, desoldering techniques, ...
  • PCB designing and making
  • Home made hacking tools (IR snooper, ...)

A 10-seats electronics hands-on workshop is also planned, we provide all the hardware (pre-paid) to the attendees and guiding them from design to a real working arduino-compatible board. No technical skills required, only good eyes and the need to learn new stuff !

This workshop will also promote the "Open It" initiative I've launched last november: opensource tools and designs. There will be stickers, hardware goodies such as PC-B-Gone, ands many demos.

Heure de début: 
Sa, 19:00