Take care of your inputs

We've been messing with all kind of public devices in the last years, in airports, malls, cinemas, museums or even just on the street.

In this talk, we will expose again the experiences Borja talked previously at RootedCon (Spain) and Zack will tell about his experience as well and add as much new owned devices as possible.

Interactive kiosks, ticket-selling machines, ATMs... In this talk we will see what kind of computers are being offered to everyone who wants to.

All kinds of devices exposed to the hands of anyone in public and easily accessible. How secured are them? And what is more important ... In which networks are those devices connected to? In this talk we will talk about all this terminals which access has been obtained by escaping the legit applications, their locations, and methods used to access the underlying systems will be discussed.

The main point of the talk is to expose how it is possible to acquire control of the underlying system of this computers.

Zakaria Rachid & Borja Berástegui